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Joyce Lindsay  

About The Artist

Joyce Lindsay was born and raised in Providence, Rhode Island, USA. Her love of animals was natural and unlimited. Wild or domesticated, anything with fur, feathers or scales could capture her attention with little exception. As her interest in art developed, an animal was more than not the subject of her creations.

Her life was full of canine, feline, equine, aquatic, and small critter friends. She raised her family of the two legged variety to share this love of animals as she nurtured her natural artistic talent by delving into many different mediums.

Pencil and scratchboard were early favorites, but would be set aside when she discovered oils. Many years were applied to developing her technique. Wildlife and horses graced her paintings, which she enjoyed exhibiting at outdoor shows in the tri-state area. She gained a faithful following and was honored with awards for her work in several art shows through the years that she lived in Rhode Island. During this time she also began accepting commissions for oil and pencil portraits. This work continued successfully for 20 years.

A life changing decision brought her to Brantford, Ontario in 1994. She began exhibiting her oils in Kent Wilkins’ Golden Gallery in Tobermory, Ontario. Two successful seasons passed before she accepted a position with Great Beginnings, a pet photography company out of Concord, Ontario. Eight years were dedicated in the employ of this Canadian company, creating portraits for pet owners throughout Ontario, Canada and the northeast quadrant of the United States.

Her artistic eye, a natural rapport with the animals, and an abundance of patience led the way to advancing her position to training supervisor for the company as it became an international venue. Joyce uses this patience and finesse to capture the essence of each of her subjects in a fresh and innovative array of formal portraitures. Her intense attention to detail enhances the results of every portrait, insuring the customer of a variety of fine portrait choices of their favorite companions.

She gained a wealth of experience before the company shut its doors and she was presented with the opportunity to fly on her own.

Blue Iris Art was born of this opportunity and the desire to fulfill a life long desire to create fine art. As an artist of oil, pencil, and photography, she offers this variety to clients looking for a special way to celebrate the lives of those special critters and people that grace their lives. Her determination to capture the essence of each subject in each creation leads her to extend herself with every challenge she is offered. Whether it is with a pencil, brush, or camera, she accepts nothing less than her client’s total satisfaction.

She also continues her wildlife painting and, at this time, exhibits only in the Golden Gallery in Tobermory, Ontario.




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