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Booking an in-home photography session for your pet or family will offer you the opportunity to have portraits taken of your loved ones in an environment that is comforting and controllable for those animal members of your family.  My in-home sessions may span several hours, as I am very particular to give my clients variety and satisfaction.  Working with animals demands patience and persistence.  I have boundless energy and determination when it comes to capturing the images that will make my clients smile.

There will be a session fee that will be determined by your location.  My home base is Brantford, Ontario.  That area would incur a $25 session fee.  I will travel long distances for my clients. You will need to contact me to know what my fee will be for your home town, be it in Canada or the USA.

Once we have determined that I have indeed captured those particular shots that you desire, you will view the images on a laptop and make your choices as to what you want printed.  You will customize your own package of portraits.  My prices start at $15.00 for a 5x7; an 8x10 is $25.00.  Larger portraits are available at competitive prices.  Volume purchases will result in discounted pricing.  An all image CD can be purchased for $75, or $65 with printed portraits. 

Should you be interested in arranging an in-home session or you have any questions, contact me by phone or email your information?  Fields marked with an * are required.

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