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Photography Hints
to get the best images for your portrait


Working with your photographs or digital images to create the perfect portrait of your favorite friends is by far the quickest method of acquiring the information necessary to complete the endeavor.

There are several requirements of the images that are vital to the creation of the perfect portrait. My paintings and drawings come alive with detail if I have the detail to work from. This means that the images that are sent to me for portraitures should be clear, focused, and generally a close up of the subject. If you use the following hints, you may surprise yourself when you get images that you thought were unobtainable.

1) Start on a bright, clear day.
a) If you can work outside, do so:
Work in a shaded area where your pet will not squint in bright sunlight.
b) If you must work inside:
Work in the brightest location that you can find, by a window or glass door.

2) Stay on a level with the subject. Do not aim down at him/her. If you need to use a chair, steps, or lay down on the ground, do that.

3) Take several photographs.
a) If you are looking for a head study, fill the frame of your view finder with the head and chest. Take several shots at different angles. Be sure to include the chest in your shot.

b) Take full body shots, if you want a full body portrait. Sitting, standing and/or laying down. Head shots are also desired for these portraits to get the detail in the face.

4) Use words, noises, toys and/or treats to get attention for an interesting expression.

5) Another person may hold the animal in place with the collar or leash as long as the hands are behind the subjectís body. Small pets can sit on a lap.

6) Be patient and happy. Your friend will feel your mood and attitude. Make the session fun and you will succeed.

7) Multiple subjects for a portrait are best photographed separately. One or two casual shots, with everyone in it, will aid in determining size differences.

Of course, there are circumstances when new photographs cannot be taken. Several old photos are better than one, even if they are not the best. Look for one that shows true coloring as well.


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